DermaTrak® Skin Imaging Centers assist you and your physician with monitoring changes in existing moles and pigmented lesions, detect the presence of new moles and lesions, and aid in screening for skin cancer.

Total Body Photography

Every year over 13,000* people in Australia develop melanoma. Most melanomas have an early stage where many develop as changing moles. When detected and diagnosed early, melanoma is easily cured. When not found in its early stages, it is very difficult to treat.

*Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Total Body Photography (TBP), or Whole Body Integumentary Photography, is an important tool for the early detection of skin cancer. TBP is a medical procedure in which the skin covering most of the body is documented in a series of sectional photos.

Mole mapping by TBP at DermaTrak Skin Imaging Center is one of the best ways to document the clinical appearance of your moles for future reference. Leading medical centers and private dermatologists utilize TBP to aid in the early detection of skin cancer.

What To Expect

Total Body Photography is a medical procedure in which the skin covering most of the body is documented with a high resolution imaging system able to resolve change over time.

A typical Total Body Photography (TBP) session takes only a few minutes. Because it is necessary to remove clothing for TBP, a staff chaperone accompanies the patient at all times. In addition, you are welcome to bring a friend or family member with you.

TBP at a DermaTrak Skin Imaging Center is performed by a medical photographer where strict confidentiality is maintained at all times. While the TBP procedure may initially seem awkward and embarrassing, in the long run you should find peace of mind in knowing that you have taken a critical step toward ensuring your good health and well being.

Photo Delivery

The DermaTrak Imaging Center will provide you with an electronic copy of the photos showing your skin surface in sections as well as instructions for effective use of the media.

A secure, password protected, portable collection of your photos enable you to view the images within the privacy of your own home as well as easily transport them to share with a medical professional. The viewing of the images is powered by DermaGraphix software to ensure clear viewing with the options to pan, zoom, and enhance areas of interest.

The current appearance of your moles can be compared with your baseline TBP photos during your monthly self-examination and on follow-up visits with your physician. This form of screening can reveal subtle changes in moles that may be indicative of skin cancer in its earliest and most curable phase. Also, TBP may prevent unnecessary biopsies of moles that have not changed when compared to the baseline photos.

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